Decepticon Airlines [a seeker ask blog]

You know the drill. The Elite trine as well as the Rainmakers and Sunstorm might answer your questions, depending on their mood. Variety is the spice of the Decepticon air force apparently.
Answers will be in the form of doodles!

The team:

[Icon artwork by this artist; however, every artwork in the blog replies belongs to us.]
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    Every now and then I remember this ask and have a little gigglefit. This is usually followed by a small amount of...
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    "Mech" is used so extensively in fanon for ‘boy robot’ I wasn’t even paying attention. Though if you want to get picky...
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    I think Kup has used the term Mech in All Hail Megatron when referring to someone. I’ll have to look it up when I have...
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    They do sometimes use it just as another generic term for robot, without gender connotation, which is still incorrect,...
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    You sure? I could’ve sworn I’ve heard characters refer to themselves as “mech” in some of the comics in recent years.
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    Neither really, I’m completely indifferent to who they’re stuck on.
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